For almost 15 years Marlin has successfully delivered compassionate service to all It has been my distinct privilege to serve as the President and CEO for all these years as they have been amazing years! Sometimes we faced great challenges, often we experienced the joy of success, but the time was  always wonderful because Marlin  Travel  is carefully weaved beautiful family with dedicated genius minds  with hundreds of business associate each year. You each have been a part of this tremendous legacy.

With the dawning of each experience of life as we pass through we must learn to live with awaken consciousness as we have to move forward to have a happy and peaceful life. I have all my life lived a simple life complete within myself and Satisfied in my own being, so for me the concept of success differs from others. Living simply does not mean poverty, it means living  as per requirement and being happy with whatever you have so I prefer to give away the rest for the welfare of others. As I believe that until you do not include the welfare of other in your prosperity you cannot prosper in real sense.  I always motivated my actions and plans to benefit others but in order to serve other I should must have sufficient resources’. I have all these year done from whatever possible I could do  but in order to widen our horizon for needy I require your help in form of business. Any business you give us,  a part of that profit will go to panchtattvam, as many of you do not even know that there are some unfortunate people whose near & dear ones cannot have a decent cremenation due to  lack of funds Panchtattvam Is A Tribute To Destitiute  I believe “that if you do good it surely comes back to you” as it is the law of nature.

As my heart is filled with deep gratitude – and with a strong confidence that  in near  future every one will come forward and carry this mission,  fueled by passion and love for your fellow beings.
May God bless you always.

R Mani Naidu